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BES Junior Basketball Team

posted Dec 16, 2015, 7:21 AM by School Publications   [ updated Dec 17, 2015, 9:41 AM ]



    The Brownstown/St. Elmo high school girls basketball team is currently holding a basketball camp for second through fourth grade boys and girls. The girls basketball team and coaches will have twelve camp dates over the span of three months and they will attend 5 practices and 7 games. Coaches Vance Moore, Brian Pruett, and Vince Rohr focus mainly on teaching each kid the basic skills, offensively and defensively, and the fundamentals of the game. They hope to prepare each player for a higher level of basketball as many of the kids will hopefully be future BSE and SEB athletes.

    It is important to get kids involved in sports at a young age. The junior basketball league is the perfect opportunity for kids between second and fourth grade to get a head start. Coach Rohr stated that he thinks the kids really enjoy having a ball in their hands and running up and down the court with friends. The girls basketball team and coaches have created a very helpful and informative program. They have made a positive environment for the young athletes to learn, develop, and play competitive games against each other.

     Coaches are teaching the kids how to dribble, shoot, pass, play offense, and defense. The main goal is to teach the kids the basics of the game, develop fundamentals, and most importantly to instill a love for the game in each kid. It is also important to get the kids to work together as a team. At practices they do a few team building activities that include partner shooting, partner passing, relay races, and full court team games. Coach Pruett's goal at every practice is that each kid walks out with something new learned and a smile.

      Not only does the junior basketball program help the kids but it's helping out the older athletes as well. The girls basketball team receives insight as to what the world of coaching is all about. The girls see both the excitement and frustration of coaching, and Coach Pruett hopes this will lead the girls to be more coachable themselves. The kids really do enjoy working with the varsity basketball players and it gives the kids good role models to look up to. The team and coaches have reached out to both schools to get the youth involved this year. They hope to make a positive impact on the kids lives and impress the respects of a true athlete into them. We wish the girls, the coaches, and the junior basketball team the best of luck on their upcoming games!

by Courtney Zasada