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January’s Students of the Month

posted Mar 8, 2018, 9:15 AM by School Publications

    School Publications has just recently interviewed two students.  Our first student is Hailey Rush.  She was nominated for High School’s student of the month.  We asked her a few questions about herself.  Her favorite books are the Twilight series.  Hailey’s Idol’s are Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Beck.  She lives in Brownstown.  She is a super student because she has been on honor roll all year.  She decided to do better this year so she could get into health occupations program at Okaw.  She has 7 siblings.  Hailey’s parents Susan and Rick Rush.  She will carry on her good work ethic out of high school by working hard and making good grades.  When Hailey gets out of high school she wants to be a Paramedic/EMT.  Hailey is nice to everyone.

    School Publications has also interviewed Shelby Sasse.  Shelby was nominated for Jr High Student of the month.  Her favorite book is the Hunger Games.  Shelby’s idol’s are her parents and older siblings.  She lives in Brownstown.  Shelby is such a good student because she works hard to get all A’s.  Shelby knew that she wanted to do good in school when she was in elementary school.  Shelby has 3 siblings.  Shelby’s parents are Tammy and Michael Sasse.  Shelby would like to attend college after high school.  She would like to be a helicopter pilot for Air Evac LifeTeam.  Shelby says she is nice to everyone and easy to get along with.  We enjoyed interviewing these students and hope they keep up the good work.  

By Emmett Chandler