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HS Volleyball 2017

posted Nov 6, 2017, 10:06 AM by School Publications
      This volleyball season had a rough start. This years coach is Jeni Haslett who  has coached SEB varsity volleyball for 2 years now. Jeni says she wanted to coach volleyball because she loved the sport. Once she was done playing she was given the opportunity to start coaching at the junior high level. At that point she realized she loved teaching it as much as she loved playing it.The goal this season was to grow as a team and acquire 13 wins. The volleyball team accomplished their goal last night when they won against Patoka and Cowden-Herrick Beecher City. The team plays best when they are communicating and having fun on the court. The leader of the team isn't a certain person because if one person falls apart so does the rest of the team. It takes the whole team of working hard and staying positive to win the game or play to the best of their ability. 
       As far as the skill of the SEB volleyball team they don't have one certain person that can hit or pass better than anyone else. Jeni Haslett was recently interviewed and she said in order to win games you have to be good passers. Passing is where it starts, and without a good pass you can't do anything else. She thinks, depending on the night, our teams best skill is passing, which is also the one thing that she focuses on most in practice. The thing she's trying to improve on from last year is teamwork. Last year they struggled to have unity and play together. So Coach Jeni really strived to put a focus on being a good teammate and working together as a team. They recently played in the EIC at St. Elmo High School and took home 1st place. Congrats to the seniors on finishing your last volleyball season!

By Macy Cripe