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Hot Wheel Project

posted Feb 9, 2018, 6:52 AM by School Publications

Mrs. Larsen`s fifth grade class is currently doing a hot wheel project.  The kids have to design a hot wheel racing track.  The criteria required for the track is it has to be at least three meters high and the starting line has to be higher than the finish line.  The purpose of the experiment is to find out if whether or not the height of the starting point will change the average speed.  From this experiment, the kids will be learning about momentum, gravity, and average speed.  Another important aspect about the project is the kids are learning a lot about teamwork and what it takes as a team to make things work.  

Projects like the one Mrs. Larsen has incorporated into her classroom are very important for kids to learn team building and how to work as a team.  A hot wheel project is a very good way to show the kids disappointment and success.  The project is about trying different techniques to make the car go faster and stay on the track.  The kids will experience disappointment if the track doesn't work but they will try again.  Once they get the track right and the car goes, they will experience success.  Life is about trying different techniques and never giving up. Mrs. Larsen is doing an excellent job with teaching her students this by incorporating a hot wheel project into her classroom.
By Amber Sarchet