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Holiday Extra Credit Ornaments

posted Dec 20, 2017, 5:12 PM by School Publications

For the past two years, Mrs. Wakefield has been allowing students to make ornaments for extra credit. The requirement is, it has to have a science theme. This year Mrs. Wakefield had seven students participate. She allowed the students to have 3 weeks to work on their ornaments. They were due on Wednesday November, 22. After that she had the teachers come judge them and choose their favorite. When it's all done Mrs.Wakefield gives the students a choice to take them home or she keeps them. This year Mrs. Wakefield saw an ornament with her face on it she said “this one is my favorite for this year”.

The students and their ranks are Addie Matlock with 1st ,Caleb Atwood with 2nd, Max schrear with 3rd, Ashlen Richards and Elizabeth Austin tied for 4th and Chloe Haslett and Natalie Oberlink tied for 5th. The get extra credit points by what place they got 1st got 10 points, 2nd got 9 points, 3rd got 8 points, 4th got 7 points, and 5th got 6 points. There can be up to 10 people that get extra credit. A school publications member asked Mrs. Wakefield what she liked about doing this she said “it's fun and creative for the holiday spirit.”
By: Chloe Haslett