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High School Girls Basketball

posted Dec 6, 2016, 10:20 AM by School Publications   [ updated Dec 7, 2016, 7:16 AM ]
                There are ten seconds left on the clock, and the anticipation in the gym is growing.  The next sound you hear is the basketball hitting the net and the shot is made! The crowd goes wild, and the BHS girls basketball takes the win.  The girls are currently 8-2 this season with ten weeks until regional play on February 6th.

        The coach of the BHS Girls Basketball team is Brian Pruett, and he is assisted by Josh Behrends.  Every year they push the girls to achieve their goals for the season. All the players work at practices and at games. Even when the girls are down they  still play their best at every moment.  The girls basketball team has so much determination, and that is because basketball is not just a sport to them it is a lifestyle. The best part of the game is seeing the girls work together, and also seeing how proud the audience is of their team.

    Key returning players are Elissa Baron and Dana Shelton.  The up and comers are Claire Wilhour, Audrey Reynolds, and Natalie Oberlink.  The coaches’ prospects for the season is to land above .500 this year with a chance of a regional championship. The style of play they are using is uptempo and with some quick players they are applying pressure on defense. There are many opportunities for growth on this team.  The younger players have a chance on this small team to see a lot of playing time and improve quickly as the year progresses. With opportunities come challenges as well. One challenge would be that the players are inexperienced with little size.  

Members of the girls BSE Varsity team include Avyree Scholes, Elizabeth Johnson, Dana Shelton, Deana Shelton, Makenzie Walk, Claire Wilhour, Audrey Reynolds, Macy Cripe, Elissa Baron, Natalie Oberlink, and Brandi Howard.  The basketball team will hopefully have another great season.  The players have the right mind by focusing  on winning their games and challenging themselves at practice. The Brownstown Community will be cheering you on whether it is from the bleachers or at home.  The best of luck to you ladies.  

By Sami Long

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