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Grab an Apple

posted Sep 5, 2013, 8:01 AM by School Publications

Students are back to school, back to a new schedule, and back to getting their iPads. BHS is one of the few schools in the state, and the country, with a 1:1 initiative or one ipad for every student.  Many students look forward to the new technology which is expanding our education and giving the students more resources. Many teachers have been asked a few questions about the iPads and how they plan to use them in their individual classrooms.     

Mrs. Wakefield is looking forward to using the iPads more in her class than she did last year to help the school save paper by sending the students’ homework assignments out via google drive. She is not the only teacher with big expectations this year, as many others are incorporating the ipads into their curriculum. Mr. Rohr is using apps in Physical Education to complete exercise routines and fitness cards. The Zite app is used by students for writing and research on current events, which are incorporated in Mr. Harms’ classes.

Mr. Randy Curll, the BHS technology guru, only had to make a few changes from January to August, such as iPad assignments, docking stations, and the downloading of apps.  Little did the students know that the school is not the only one making rules for technology use, but the Apple company is setting many of our requirements on the iPads. Putting the iPads together and assigning them to each and every individual was a very time consuming project. To assign 160 iPads, it took Randy roughly thirty to forty minutes per device.   

With good care the iPads will be here for many more years. These devices are a major expansion to our education. Let’s use them to our advantage and make the best of what we have. We can only better our school and selves from here, so we should look forward to new technology advancements in the future.

by Mackenzie McClintock