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Go Kidd Kraddik, Go!

posted Mar 18, 2014, 7:26 AM by School Publications   [ updated Mar 20, 2014, 7:25 AM ]


     It's grease lightning! Well, it's really Kidd Kraddik.  Kidd Kraddik in the Morning is holding a classroom musical competition, and Miss McCown, the BHS math teacher,  is offering extra credit to any participants.  Students must perform a glee-style music video, upload it on YouTube, and fill out information to be entered into the competition.  Videos are due March 17th, and by March 19th the winners will be announced.  There will be three divisions that will receive a prize of $1,500 along with a visit and performance from the band Karmin.  Kindergarten through fifth grade is one section, sixth through eighth grade in another, and the last section, ninth through twelfth grade, will be the group our school will participate in.  

     With over thirty students signed up to participate, the video is sure to be a success.  We will have a fifties Grease theme.   The music video will start out in the present day as Miss McCown is solving a problem about time. When she finds a negative answer, and makes a comment that you can't have negative time, this sends a student back in time to leather jackets, slicked back hair, and poodle skirts.  The video goes through a medley of Grease song parodies about seniors teaching the freshman how to survive high school.  The video wraps up with the student being brought back to present day as school is getting out for the year. Written and choreographed by me, Michaela Walk , I look forward to seeing students make my vision come to life.  We have all put in a lot of work and are excited to see the outcome!

By Michaela Walk

Kidd Kradik Music Video