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Get Fit

posted Mar 4, 2014, 7:05 AM by School Publications

    Does anyone wonder why there is only one fitness day a week or why we have it at all?  Coach Rohr explained the weekly plan like this, “P.E. is on a weekly schedule. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are typical game days based on the unit we are currently in. Wednesday is our Fitness Day and Friday is a random game day or sometimes a free day depending on where we are in the weeks lesson. Although Wednesday is the only day labeled as “Fitness Day” we still workout daily.”

   Fitness days vary widely. We could be using P90X, insanity, T25, and workout trainer(the ipad app).  When not using our iPads we usually focus on our core and legs when watching and following along with Insanity and P90X.  On the days students are able to use our iPads with workout trainer we are able to pick on what area of our bodies we want to strengthen.  On the days that aren't called fitness days we still work out by doing push-ups, sit-ups, and standing long jump to get ready for our spring fitness test at the end of the year.   During our fitness test we use Google Drive to keep track of our goals and  efforts we gave in previous years.  We also use Google Drive so it will calculate your BMI weight ratio.  When asked why he picked certain exercises Coach Rohr said "The fitness tests we do are based on a collaborative effort by Ms. Stine and I. We spent time discussing the needs of the students and tried to figure out what tests are the most comprehensive. There are many great tests out there, but we felt the ones we chose are the best for our students and the resources we have."

   When asked why he chose certain exercises for the fitness test Coach had a lot to say. “Fitness involves any type of movement that strengthens your body, whether it be your lungs, pectorals, or abdominals. In class I try and get a daily routine of covering four general areas; cardio, upper body, lower body, and core. I try and hit a different specific section of that general area each day. When doing cardio moves we are mainly focusing on the heart and lungs. Our timed warm-up get’s the heart pumping and the oxygen traveling through our lungs. An athlete’s endurance is very important when it comes to cardio. When doing an upper body exercise I try and focus on shoulders, pectorals, biceps, and triceps. What’s great about push-ups is that it covers all of those muscles at the same time. Lower body is focused on our legs and jumping. The students will do jump knee tucks, lunge’s, wall sits, squats, etc. Core is the last section of the body and it consists of the area of the body from above the knee to below the chest all the way around the body. Planks, c-sits, leg lifts/extensions, etc are done regularly to strengthen the core. I like to incorporate exercises that cover all four areas as well, such as burpees and mountain climbers."

    To bad it's not warmer out because Coach Rohr is really looking forward to flag football because "the last two years we have had an early winter and have been unable to finish the unit. I am hoping this year that the spring will arrive and give us a chance to go out and throw the football a couple more weeks" Rohr stated. Even though not every kid may love the game we are playing Coach Rohr tries to find variety of activities throughout the year to break the monotony and have some fun.

by Jacob Behrends