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Former BES Principal Says Goodbye

posted Sep 14, 2016, 7:39 AM by School Publications   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 7:40 AM ]

Reeter.JPG     After twenty-two years Mrs. Angela Reeter said her goodbyes to the Brownstown School District this summer. Mrs. Reeter taught for sixteen years and was the principal of Brownstown Elementary for six. Mrs. Reeter is currently working for the Regional Office of Education #3 located in Vandalia. She is now employed in the Education Services Division where she is the program director for the McKinney-Vento Homeless grant. Her duties consist of writing the grant, monitoring the sub grants, and ensuring that homeless students are receiving services that will help them with their educational needs. She took this job because she believes the ROE #3 has an elite group of people working for them. It is something she wanted to be a part of and decided after twenty-two years at Brownstown a change would be good for her.

Mrs. Reeter graduated from Vandalia High School in 1990, received her bachelor’s degree in 1994, and then her masters in 2007 from Eastern Illinois University. Brownstown Elementary was her first adult job out of college. She taught all subjects in fourth grade for fifteen years and then fifth-grade language arts her last year as a teacher.  Outside of school, she stays just as busy.  Her husband of twenty-two years, Matt, works at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Greenville. They have two sons: Dylan is nineteen and attending his second year at Kaskaskia College studying Ag Business and sixteen-year-old Dawson is a sophomore at Vandalia High School where he plays football. Between her job and raising her family she doesn’t have too many hobbies but she really enjoys reading and shopping.

Her biggest inspiration has always been her students. They have inspired her to continue to love learning and always stay positive. Although students have come and gone she always considered them her “kids.” She now gets to help students in another way and she is excited to continue working with children in her area.

Mrs. Reeter will always love the Brownstown Community. The district was her home for twenty-two years and she was emotionally invested in the people. Brownstown may be small, but their hearts are huge. She said, “It was a true privilege to spend so many years serving the people in that community.”  Mrs. Reeter will miss the students at Brownstown Elementary as well as the staff. She loved each and every one of her students and misses them dearly. She hopes to be able to visit often and see their smiling faces. She has made life-long friends with the staff as well and hopes to stay in contact with them and wishes them the best.

By Taylor Rine