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Foreign Exchange Students Arrive at BHS

posted Aug 28, 2014, 10:19 AM by School Publications

This year BHS will host two foreign exchange students by the name of Simon Korte and Jacobo Sánchez De Toca Trabada. Jacobo is from Madrid, Spain, and Simon is from Kandern, Germany. They are very excited to be in America for the first time and are eager to learn the American way of life. Simon was chosen to come to America by an organization called TASTE, and Jacobo was chosen to come by an organization called Juventud y Cultura. Both organizations allow students who want to go beyond what their schools can teach and send them to foreign countries to learn new languages and cultures.

Jacobo Trabada is 16 years old and in his junior year. He enjoys partying with his friends and playing soccer. When Jacobo first landed in America he had trouble understanding what his host parents were saying because he was taught the British style of the English language, but he quickly began to understand American English. Jacobo has had some new experiences in America, such as picking up potatoes from a garden and eating a corn dog. Girls, cars, and corn dogs are the three things he loves most about America thus far. He said that American people are much larger, white, blonde, and blue eyed than the people of Spain. Jacobo has many rules he must follow set by his organization. For example, he is not allowed to ride any type of off road vehicle such as a four wheelers, UTV (utility task vehicle), dirt bikes, and he is not allowed to shoot guns. According to Jacobo, school in Spain is different from school in America. In Spain the students stay in the same room all day and the teachers come to the students. They have more time for lunch, have a 25 minute break period, and they do not have lockers. Jacobo said that the weather conditions in Spain are hotter and there is no snow. When Jacobo grows up he wants to be an engineer.

Simon Korte is 15 years old and is a 6’5 sophomore! His passion is playing basketball.  He loves how friendly the people are in America and he says that they are good basketball players. Simon said that he goes to a private school and there are 13 grade levels. High school and college are in the same building. The organization that brought Simon to America has the same rules as Jacobo’s organization. Simon said the weather in Southern Illinois is similar to the conditions in Germany, but it gets a little more humid in Illinois. While Simon is in America, he really wants to witness an NBA game in person. Simon is not sure what he wants to do when he grows up.

If you get a chance, introduce yourself to these fine young men. They love to meet new people and learn more about America. They are both very fun to talk with and they get along with everyone. They are very nice and polite. When you get a chance, say hi to them. Lets make their stay in America worthwhile!

By William Koonce