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Fly like an Eagle, Fight like a Bomber

posted Aug 23, 2013, 7:19 AM by School Publications   [ updated Aug 26, 2013, 7:57 AM ]

The St. Elmo Brownstown Jr. High Baseball team played well this past weekend at the Altamont tournament where they finished second. The team won their first two games against Oblong and Altamont but lost in the final championship match against Neoga. Coach Pruett is ready for a successful season and they are off to a great start.

Pruett expects Louis Brown and Isaac Maxey to be the leaders to keep the team going and keep everyone on the right track towards a successful year.  His squad really needs to focus on pitching, fielding and hitting techniques. The club’s big strength is their work ethic to become better everyday, which is why he expects great improvements throughout the season.  

When asking Coach Pruett why he decided to become a coach, he said that there is nothing better than teaching young people the love of the game. To prepare for the Brownstown-St.Elmo consolidation he stated, “make sure the team communicates with one another and knows the basics of the game”. Also, Pruett was asked what he expects from his team during practice and his response was that he looks forward to hard work and for the team to pay attention. He also said he wants the team to hustle everywhere and show 150% effort everyday.

Coach Pruett said it’s very good for both communities to be consolidated, which will help us be more competitive in the NTC and other big tournaments. Athletes are now more motivated to get a position with more players on the team. If the practices are competitive, so will the games because you practice how you play. Also, a player is not going to slack off during a game because there are going to be kids on the bench ready to go. Coaches are looking forward to the NTC to see how they stack up against others.

See the junior high roster below or navigate to the athletics tab to see a full schedule.  Good luck and have a great season!

By Jacob Behrends

Grades Players

8th Isaac Maxey

8th Wade Ireland

8th Dalton Denton

8th Louis Brown

8th Hunter Strauch

8th Stephen Berg

7th Clay Miller

7th Nate Philpot

7th Dalton Grames

7th Lane Himes

7th Bradley Schwarm

7th Braden Sidwill

6th Bryton Pruett

6th Levi Dunaway

6th Jacob Baron

6th Blain Porter

6th Kaden Tish

Head Coach: Brian Pruett

Asst. Coach: Jared Winters