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Finfrock Scholarship

posted Nov 14, 2013, 7:45 AM by School Publications
    You might have noticed the little, red firetruck sitting in the unit office at BHS.  That old-fashioned, all steel, pedal fire truck is helping raise money for the Charlie Finfrock scholarship worth $500 and you could be eligible.  The scholarship is in honor of Mr. Charlie Finfrock who taught and coached here at Brownstown and he also made an impact on many students lives.     
The scholarship is focused on students who want to pursue a career in the education field, preferably in the elementary and middle school areas. To apply you must be in the top forty percent of your class, a well rounded individual, with strong leadership abilities. You can purchase a raffle ticket for one of the three fire trucks used to help support the foundation at basketball games or from members of the Brownstown Foundation. Linda Conway, Charlie's sister, has donated the three fire trucks  to be raffled off in order to circulate more money into the scholarship.
Starting in March of 2009, the scholarship was established when a former student wanted to honor Mr. Finfrock before he passed away.  Since then money has been donated specifically for the scholarship from multiple people. The members of the foundation want the public to know that Mr. Finfrock influenced many lives in this community and the Brownstown Foundation hopes to continue that legacy.