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Fall Blood Drive

posted Oct 23, 2014, 12:29 PM by School Publications

“Giving blood is the one truly easy way to help someone else.  It takes very little time (about 30 minutes) and the end result should be thought of as rewarding (giving someone else the gift of life).  In my opinion, it's selfish to say things like "I hear it hurts" or "I'm afraid of needles" when someone else needs us.  Think of it like this, if it were your family member that needed 50 pints of blood, and you can only give one of those 50, wouldn't you hope people would donate blood instead of complaining about the so-called pain of the needle?  That's why people should donate blood.” If Mrs. Seabaugh’s words do not inspire you to donate, what will?

Brownstown High School held their annual blood drive at the elementary school on Wednesday, October 22.  Blood drives are for the those who are ill or have been in a serious accident.  These people have lost a lot of blood, so when you donate you are helping to save a life.  It is that simple and it feels so good to give back.

There are always a few requirements when giving blood. You have to be 17, or have parent permission if you are 16.  You have to weigh at least 110 pounds to give blood, and meet height and weight requirements. Other questions are asked about international travel. Check the website for more information. The room they're using to take blood from you has to be cold, so blood flow is better.  Also, you don’t want to have low iron. Avoid drinking tea if you're planning on giving blood.  The night before you give blood you should eat foods that increase your iron, like meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, or some kind of  cereal.  Come prepared for the next blood drive in the spring. We hope to see you there!

by Chelsey Lange

Fall Blood Drive 2014