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Exercise Your Brain

posted Nov 4, 2013, 1:00 PM by School Publications

Trivia night is here once again at Brownstown School District 201!  If you haven’t signed up or heard the news, the fundraiser will be held on Friday, November 15th at 7 p.m in the Elementary cafeteria.  Teams can consist of as little as two people or as many as eight persons, for only $5.00 per individual, so bring a friend or the entire family.  While drinks can be purchased throughout the night, players are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

During trivia night players will answer ten questions per round with a total of eight rounds.  At the beginning of the game, each team is offered to buy a sheet of “mulligans”.  Mulligans will guarantee a correct answer for one question per round.  Besides racking your brain with questions, there will be a mid-way break to play a game called “Heads or Tails”.  The game consists of a person putting a dollar bill on their head or bottom while Mr. Redden flips a coin. If you guess incorrectly one would sit down and put the dollar in the pot.  Once the game is over the total is split evenly with the winner and the track and field account.

The purpose of the event is to earn enough money in which to purchase warm-ups for the entire team this year. This will accommodate  the new uniforms that the Brownstown-St. Elmo Sports Boosters purchased for the upcoming track season.  So come out for an evening of fun and laughter with a side of facts!

by Ashley Holmberg