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Election Judges

posted Mar 2, 2016, 7:25 AM by School Publications
            On February 18th a select group of students at BHS participated in an election judge course at First Presbyterian Church in Vandalia.  Seniors Zeke Philpot and Kaylee Sefton; and Juniors Brittany Seibert, Elissa Baron, Jacob Bloemker, Joshua Rolfingsmeier, Colton Payne, Kayla Haslett, Isaac Hebenstreit, Dawson Rhodes, Seth Powell and Chloe Carson accepted this responsibility.

They all arrived at the First Presbyterian Church in Vandalia and were handed three pieces of information that would be needed during the presentation.  The first item was an election judge manual to use as a reference later.  The next item was a yellow piece of paper that stated different ways to handle a situation if, and when, one may present itself.  Lastly, the third piece of information was a checklist that would be filled out once the slide-show concluded.  Along with BHS, a group from St. Elmo was also there to participate.  A slide-show went over some of the basic principles of being an election judge, what different situations could appear and how to approach them, and how to startup and shutdown the ballot boxes.

At the end of the presentation, everyone was assessed by a checklist, which was a series of true and false questions, along with some multiple choice questions that the group answered together.  Everyone passed the test and was allowed to keep it as a reference, if need be.  The best of luck is wished to those who became election judges for the March 15th primary election. Remember to vote!

By Seth Powell