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Education for the Future

posted Dec 2, 2015, 7:10 AM by School Publications
        As juniors and seniors in high school, deciding where to go to college becomes an important question.  This is one of the major reasons why Lakeland College has been visiting the Brownstown High School recently.  Lakeland has sent representatives from the departments of Allied Health and technology to inform students of different programs and degrees available at the college.

        The Allied Health field is a broad department ranging in degrees from registered nurse all the way to fire science.  Between these two spectrums are degrees such as massage therapist, dental hygiene, paramedic, physical therapy assistant and much more.  The programs in the field are competitive and the college only takes the best of the applicants.  This means that any student interested in the field should take science and math classes and have a moderate to high grade point average to increase their chances during the application process.  According to Karla Hardiek, the Allied Health representative, entering the program may be challenging, but every student who graduates from Lakeland in this field is fully prepared and capable of obtaining a job in the ever growing field of health care.  

        The technology department also gave a presentation to students where various classes, degrees, and jobs available after graduation were discussed.  Available at the college are auto mechanics, welding, hydraulics, electronic engineering, HVAC, alternative energy, and many others.  Also in this category, businesses need workers to learn grant writing and library science for the office and legal sides of the business.  The programs are mostly one, two, or four years, and up to two can be completed at Lakeland.  There is such a high job rate in this field that Joe Tillman, the director of technology has businesses requesting more students than he has in the program.  Students graduating from Lakeland are guaranteed a job and can make very high wages, some even over one hundred thousand dollars per year.

        Any students interested in Lakeland are welcome to contact the school for tours, more information, or help with applying.  Thank you to Mrs. Gail Hardiek for bringing in the speakers, and thanks to the representatives for taking the time to present to the students.

Chloe Carson