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Decorating BHS

posted Oct 17, 2013, 12:54 PM by School Publications

            As you walk around the halls of BHS one will notice the artwork that was beautifully crafted by students in Ms. Jenkins’ various art classes.  The art projects that have been completed thus far are the fingerprint word posters, a “Blue Dog” project, collaborative triangle mural, and a design using different colors of glue with opposite colored paper.  

The students of Graphic Arts work on the yearbook but  also have assignments on the computer, such as creating the layout of a “Facebook page” for the 2013-2014 yearbook, along with a fingerprint word poster showing them how graphic art is used in everyday scenarios .  Art I as well as Art II and Art III, have been busy working on artist reports which then leads them to a project in the artist’s honor.  The “Blue Dog” artwork was first created by George Rodrigue in 1992; the students have taken that idea and created a piece of artwork to call their own.  The mural that has been hung on the wall in front of the second gymnasium door was a collaboration of all art classes and has the student’s name or initials incorporated in them. So you should take the time to look; you may be surprised to find someone that you weren’t expecting!

by Mackenzie McClintock and Ashley Holmberg