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December Students of the Month

posted Feb 9, 2018, 6:41 AM by School Publications

School Publications has interviewed Makenzie Walk, Brownstown’s High School Student of the Month. Makenzie’s favorite book is, The Giver.  Her idol is her Parents.  She lives in Brownstown, IL.  She is a super student because she always works hard in her classes.  She has always wanted to do good in School.  Makenzie has two siblings, her two sisters.  Her parents are Leigh Anne and Terry Walk.  She will continue to do well out of high school by continuing to work hard and surround herself with people that will encourage her.  Makenzie is unsure what she wants to do after school, but she is thinking something in the Medical Field.  Makenzie is kind and tries to be nice to everyone.

School Publications has recently interviewed Parker Sidwell, Jr. High School’s Student of the Month.  Parker’s favorite book is, Percy Jackson.  His idol is Aaron Rogers from the Greenbay Packers, he says he is an amazing quarter and he loves his team. Parker lives in Brownstown, IL.  He is a good student because he studies and tries hard in school.  Parker decided to do good in school after his fourth grade year, he had made some F’s and his parents were disappointed so he decided to make better grades.  He has three siblings, two brothers and one sister, Parker is the oldest.  Parker’s parents are Ketra Sidwell and Ryan Sidwell.  He will carry his great work ethic out of high school by trying his best and making A’s and B’s.  Parker would like to maybe make video games or be a computer programmer.  Parker doesn’t consider himself popular but, he says if he were it would be because of his grades.  

We enjoyed interviewing these kids and hope that they continue to work hard.