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Custodians Make the School Go Round

posted Sep 17, 2013, 1:11 PM by School Publications

The last day of school most students and teachers are ready for vacation, sleeping in, and sitting around enjoying a few months off, but not our janitor, Steve Waltrip.  Steve has spent his summer cleaning everything from floors to ceilings, along with making the many improvements that had to be accomplished before the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.  The credit for accomplishing these tasks goes not only to Mr. Waltrip but also to Mr. Dave Arnold, Mrs. Jodi Winkler, Mrs. Evelyn Wells as well as their summer helpers, Colten Hunter and Matt Sefton.

The first day of summer kids are cozily sleeping in their beds or watching morning cartoons, while Steve and the custodial staff were up and ready for work.  Renovations that were accomplished include the installation of five new ceilings in the upstairs classrooms, along with the painting of walls and registers.  These classrooms not only got a facelift but also some updating in the electrical department.  It took approximately seven days to complete each room.  

The last day of summer most teens are dreading the early morning, but Steve is preparing for a herd of children to stomp through the hallways.  While the summer crew is satisfied with the changes made, they are planning future cosmetic improvements for the summer of 2014.  In the words of Steve Waltrip, “The two schools combined provide a considerable amount of work to be accomplished over the summer break.  Overall I believe we had a productive summer, however I think we all feel like we would have liked to accomplish more”.  Steve, Dave, Jodi, Evelyn, Colten, and Matt worked hard to present students with revamped rooms, so now it’s our turn to respect the work they've done.

by Ashley Holmberg