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Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

posted Dec 20, 2017, 4:19 PM by School Publications   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 4:45 PM ]

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Ceo(Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) is an entrepreneurship education program that prepares us to be respectful and responsible, emulate sound business skills, and in all,  develop into a successful entrepreneur.  The CEO program was started in 2008, in Effingham, Illinois. It started with one class, and expanded to nearly forty programs in six different states. From this program, students will become great employees or team leaders and managers.

Another plus is the sole fact that you’ll be running a business, and maybe come out of this program with a successful business.  The expectation of this program is not to come out with a billion dollar company, it is to learn team-building, networking, business management, accountability, and most of all life skills and business communication skills. The Fayette County CEO program is funded by business investors. Additionally, there will be special guests throughout the year; Around fifty to sixty guests will come and talk to us about tips and tricks of the business industry. In the end, students have an opportunity to create  their own business from the ground up,  will be granted  two high school credits for being in this program, and will have leadership skills they can use for a lifetime.

By: Mason Parish.