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Communications with Ms. Alstat

posted Sep 16, 2016, 7:19 AM by School Publications

Last year Brownstown Jr/Sr High started a new class for their students.  Communications is taught by junior high English teacher Ms. Alstat and is offered to sophomores and juniors.  Ms. Alstat was excited for the opportunity to teach high school students that she had in middle school.  It is a great course with an original curriculum that is different from the other classes we have here.

Communications is a two semester class with a focus on different topics. The first semester focuses on social media safety and the history of technology.  It is interesting because no other classes touch on that subject.  The course of study is definitely unique and it is easy to pique students’ interests when the topic involves the evolution of social media.  We have come a long way in modes of communicating.  This also gives the students a chance to use the one-on-one technology that we are lucky to have daily access to.  In this class, we are able to use our tablets to create presentations and conduct research.  This prepares our students for their future whether they are attending college or going straight into the workforce.

The second semester focuses on speeches.  In almost every class you will eventually have to stand up in front of the entire room and perform a speech.  For some kids, the idea of a speech makes their stomach hurt and their hands shake.  That might be how students feels at first, but after you become accustomed to the routine it is just another day in class.  When I started the semester I was nervous and shaky, but the class helped me grow not only as a speaker but as a student.   Ms. Alstat starts the semester off with a few smaller speeches so that one becomes used to standing up and talking. However, by the end of the year you will be able to complete larger speeches without any stress.  Many careers require you to talk to people, such as social workers, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, and motivational speakers.  Even if your profession does not involve directly standing up and talking to groups of people, all jobs include speaking to others.  Becoming comfortable with public speaking can be useful for any career.  

Overall the class is a great way to prepare us for the rest of our lives.  It is important for students to have experience in presentations and public speaking.  When they established this class BHS gave their students a whole new way to learn.  All the students had fun last year and it was a great way to start the school day.  

By Caitlyn Mason