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Civics Explores Nuclear Possibilities

posted Apr 6, 2017, 8:56 AM by School Publications   [ updated Apr 6, 2017, 8:57 AM ]
        Many times in history a nuclear war could have taken place. With advanced nuclear technology, it's important to understand how a nuclear disaster could occur. The BHS civics class is normally working on notes, taking tests, or having heated discussions on politics, but lately, they’ve been putting all of that aside to focus on the effects that nuclear technology has had on our world. Mr. Harms presented two movies during this chapter, one called
Fail Safe, focused on how a nuclear catastrophe could play out in the war room and how high-ranking public officials would handle the scenario. The other, titled The Day After, showed how our country may be effected the day after a bomb was dropped. This video was very controversial and over the top when it came out in 1983 and was said to depict the best possible outcome during a nuclear disaster. Mr. Harms made a large impression on all of the students by showing the two movies and then compared it to the position the people living in our area would be in. Whether a nuclear disaster occurs or not it’s safe to say that the civics classes will have some knowledge on the topic thanks to our brilliant history teacher Mr. Harms.
By Jeffrey Kelly