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Cheering for Two

posted Dec 10, 2013, 7:26 AM by School Publications

           Deb Hunter, who once cheered for the Brownstown Bombers, has coached her high school squad to many victories.  Besides the five previous times Mrs. Hunter has taken her team to state, she has also helped them become victorious at many St. Elmo Holiday and Mulberry Grove Turkey Tournaments.  In 2008 the Brownstown Bombers went on to place first at the ICCA state level for their game cheer division and in 2013 the team scored 10th place overall.  The 2012-2013 squad was the first in Brownstown history to qualify for the IHSA finals, which was a great accomplishment for the team and coaches.

Deb Hunter returns as head coach for the new SEB squad.  The team had tryouts in the spring which then led to summer practices in order to prepare for the basketball season, along with the various competitions that they plan to participate in.  With the help of assistant coaches Laura Lakin and Jenny Behrends, Coach Hunter also relies on Alyssa Cole, Maggie Durbin, and Kelly Swofford to help lead fellow peers during practice and in future games.  Deb looks highly upon all of her cheerleaders but is especially proud of the returning members with lots of experience that assist with new cheers as well as the new squad members!

As a result of the consolidation Deb is especially looking forward to the new uniforms as well as new and improved cheers.  Both of these will be put to good use when the ICCA regional competitions roll around in the beginning of December along with the state ICCA finals in early January.  The squad is also hopeful for placing in the IHSA competitions throughout December that lead up to the state finals in February.  Coach Hunter is optimistic for her team placing as long as they stay focused and determined throughout the process.  From the words of Deb Hunter, “I would like to thank the Brownstown-St. Elmo Sports Boosters for the new uniforms and for all their hard work.  They keep our sports teams in nice updated uniforms.”

Congratulations to the SEB cheerleaders on their qualification to the ICCA State Finals on January 4th!

by Ashley Holmberg

St. Elmo Eagles 2013-2014 High School Cheerleading Roster


Alyssa Cole

Maggie Durbin

Madason Ledbetter

Kelly Swofford

Hayley Watts


Tabitha Dolan

Emily Frailey

Elizabeth Guerreo

Bayli Mason

Corrie Sasse

Shayla Stokes


Kandice Beshel

Sydney Rosborough

Kaylee Sefton


Abby Durbin

Kearstin Scoles