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Career Searching at BHS

posted Dec 4, 2014, 7:32 AM by School Publications

During the next two weeks the sophomore class will be writing their career essays for English II. The essay must include the student’s career interest along with a description of the field, employment opportunities, what type of skills or training they will need, and what college they plan to attend.

Studying different careers gives the students a look at the vast world around them. They are able to explore many different careers that they haven’t heard of and then choose a career to research. Many students are undecided with what they want to do with their future, but this unit gives them an insight into what options are out there. Many students have an idea of what field they want to enter, but when they learn that 8 to 11 years of college is involved they quickly change their mind. When the students choose their career they research educational requirements, salary, demand, and job description so they are aware and will be prepared for what is ahead and find the career that is right for them.

The students have plenty of resources to help them on the essay. Websites such as Career Cruising and the Information Work Center have the latest information and statistics on job growth, demand, and educational programs across the country. The students find the websites easy to use and very informative. The school guidance counselor, Mrs. Hardiek, is also helping the students make their paper the best they can be. She organizes interest surveys with the students that will help them explore the many possible career paths. Mrs. Hardiek has taken a lot of time organizing the surveys, subscribing to the career websites, and outlining the essay format. As a guidance counselor, she is directly involved with each individual student in the classroom and helps to create a path for their future.

For the first time this year principal Mr. Shackelford came up with an idea to send each student to his office for a mock interview to discuss their career. He will attempt to find out more about the students’ passions, strengths and weaknesses, and what they know about the field they are pursuing. The students at BHS are fully immersed in their search for the next step outside these high school hallways.

by Andrew Koonce