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BSE Bombers Scholar Bowl

posted Nov 4, 2015, 7:32 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 4, 2015, 7:35 AM ]

Scholar bowl is a challenging and fun activity that involves strategy and gamesmanship while answering difficult questions.  Varsity members include seniors Addison Cage and Jenna Long, along with juniors Lane Chandler, Seth Powell, Chloe Carson, Kayla Haslett, Jordan Fedrigon, and Ethan LaMar. JV includes freshman Kyzara Hissong and sophomores Cameron Callaway, Sami Long, and Sierra Stephens.  

BSE Scholar Bowl Coach Adam Hall says the co-op has been really good for him and for the students.  He thinks it's fun to see the student-athletes from both schools fusing together as a team.  The students who have been around for a year or two have good chemistry together and he's glad they have this opportunity.  The group's confidence is being strengthened by having team chemistry.  "Our last win over Ramsey was a clinic in how to work together to overcome a good opponent."

"Jenna, Lane, Kayla, and Cameron have served as captain during the season so far.  Addie, Lane, and Kayla have done a surprisingly good job of helping the new players (we have five) learn the ropes of scholar bowl."  During practices, the players work on questions that didn't go well in games or to prepare for what's coming ahead.  Hall expects the players to be focused on what they are doing and ready to go when they start a match.  Hall feels that the team will make it to the knockout rounds of the NTC tournament.

"I'm looking forward to the regional tournament in March.  We play the same 13 teams in fall and spring every year, but when we get to the regional it's new territory where anything can happen.  I think our first match day in the spring half will provide us a measuring stick for where we stand.  I think we can win both games when we play Stewardson-Strasburg and Dieterich again."

Mr. Hall has enjoyed being part of scholar bowl since 8th grade.  When he finished his playing days in high school he thought it would be fun to get involved again as a coach.  Mr. Hall teaches Spanish I, II, and III as well as World History, and Modern History.  He has also taught Psychology, US History, and Geography.  He enjoys World War II naval games.  Hall has said, “I think many people have the wrong idea about scholar bowl when they picture it in their minds.  A lot of teens who could be good players sell themselves short and don’t come out for the team.  It’s fun!”

by Addison Cage

Varsity Junior Varsity

Addison Cage Senior Cameron Callaway Sophomore

Jenna Long Senior Sami Long Sophomore

Chloe Carson Junior Sierra Stephens Sophomore

Lane Chandler Junior Kyzara Hissong Freshman

Jordan Fedrigon Junior

Kayla Haslett Junior

Ethan LaMar Junior

Seth Powell Junior