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Brunk Schwarm Scholarship

posted Mar 13, 2014, 8:18 AM by School Publications
Tired of applying for scholarships? The Brunk Schwarm Scholarship chooses you automatically, based on your grades and academic classes taken, with no application process necessary.  The scholarship was established by Dr. Mark Brunk and Brent Schwarm to encourage students to take more math and science courses in their high school career.  Both of the these doctors were graduates of Brownstown High School in 1975. The Brunk Schwarm Scholarship gives $1000 dollars to any senior who has taken the most math and science courses in the past four years of high school.  If there happens to be a tie the scholarship will go to the senior with the highest GPA.  All seniors are eligible for this scholarship, but freshman and sophomores should start thinking about their class load and future credits now.  If you are college bound or are looking at scholarships start taking as many math and science courses as soon as possible.
by Jacob Behrends