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Brownstown-St. Elmo Prism Concert

posted May 11, 2016, 7:26 AM by School Publications
                On Tuesday, May 10th the Brownstown-St. Elmo band performed
Prism in the St. Elmo High School gymnasium.  The one hour concert featured The Star Spangled Banner, musical pieces from Pirates of the Caribbean, Boom and Boom 2, Cool Kids, Defying Gravity and Everlong.  There were even a few solos (Photograph, Till it Happens to You, She Will be Loved, Part of Your World, Imagine, Beauty and the Beast, and Oceans) and a duet (I Won't Give Up) mixed into the evening event.  The concert ended with the pep band performing Counting Stars.  Congratulations to all the band and chorus members for a job well done!

By Seth Powell