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Bombers Stand for the Silent

posted Jan 11, 2016, 7:36 AM by School Publications


        Did you know that sixty percent of students in the United States have been bullied between fourth and eighth grade?  In addition to this many more have witnessed bullying or been the bully.  These statistics are the reason for the program started by Kirk and Laura Smalley called Stand for the Silent.  Due to bullying, their son Ty committed suicide.  Ever since the couple has gained many supporters and traveled around the world to educate students about bullying and suicide.  After much consideration, Brownstown High School has also decided to partner with them to join the fight against bullying.

        The BHS student advisory committee met on the ninth of December to discuss many issues in the school.  One of these issues was whether the school should adopt the program Stand for the Silent and their constitution.  After being informed on the topic a vote by the student advisory committee agreed to incorporate SFTS into our school.  The next order of business was to read the constitution and elect the officers which are president Addison Cage, Vice President Andrew Koonce, Secretary Kailey Rush, and Treasurer Elizabeth Austin.

        On January fifth, Brownstown canceled classes for the afternoon and instead had an assembly to inform students about Stand for the Silent.  At this assembly members of the student advisory committee covered the current handbook sections on harassment and bullying to remind students of the policy.  A general hand raising identified students who have been bullied, those who have been the bully, and this revealed that many students have been both.  Principal Michael Shackelford presented students with the question, “Why do people bully and what do they receive from the act of bullying?”

        The rest of the assembly consisted of the movie Bully, which followed a few students across America who have been bullied and their fight to overcome.  This movie taught students that  they are the only ones who can make a difference and they need to take a stand.  After the movie was over, students were given the opportunity to sign the pledge cards which will be sent to Stand for the Silent headquarters in Oklahoma.  Many students have now officially taken the pledge and are joining the fight against bullying in our school and community.

by Chloe Carson