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Bleeding Purple and Blue

posted Sep 11, 2013, 7:27 AM by School Publications

        “Getting our team into baseball shape right now.”  These are the first words from Coach Ryan Beccue when describing how to prepare his team for a new season.   He is trying to focus on teaching  the basics of the game in order for us to be fundamentally sound.  When preparing his team for a successful fall stretch, he only has three requests.  Coach Beccue expects his team to pay attention to detail, hustle everywhere they go, and most importantly focus on what the coaches are trying to teach.  When completing these tasks, you are playing the best you can.

Coach Beccue wants his five seniors, Dustin Lawson, Nick Bauer, Dalton Parks, Levi Maxey, and Jacob Behrends to lead the team on and off the field.  Furthermore, Beccue thinks having five seniors and two juniors will be a strength for the team this season. On the other hand one weakness of the team is the fact that few kids play summer ball.  However, he thinks if we work hard and expect to win no matter who the opponent is, we should have a successful season.

Coach Beccue believes that “The co-op is a great thing”.  Having 18 players has provided the team competition in practice and driven athletes to compete for starting positions. Also, it has given him enough players to have JV games as well.  The JV games are another way to build the future of Brownstown/St. Elmo baseball, which allows everyone on the team playing time.  With the co-op, Coach Beccue wants his team to stop playing like they are scared, and start playing  more aggressively.  As a coach he knows that errors and mistakes happen, but  he wants his team to play fierce, in order to win more games.  

Ryan Beccue had the desire to become a coach as a youth while playing in the National Trail Conference where he was an all-conference player at Altamont High School.  After graduation all coach wanted to do was stay involved in the NTC, and St. Elmo gave him the chance to accomplish this task for the past 14 years.  His assistant, Coach Bo Melton, played baseball at Greenville High School, and eventually attended Greenville College where he carried out his baseball career.  Assistant Coach Colten Booher was also a NTC all conference player at St. Elmo High School and went on to play baseball at Olney Central College.  All three coaches bring with them a vast amount of experience and work ethic.

Even with so many competitive teams in the conference, coach thinks his team has a shot if they play hard.  Coach said, “If we have pitching and play good defense each and every day, it should give us a chance to compete with the top tier teams.”  Coach Ryan Beccue would like to add “we are looking forward to this new co-op season underway”. He thinks there are exciting times coming for BSE baseball as long as we give the time and effort.  At the time of publication the Bombers’ record was 4-3. 

by Jacob Behrends