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Biology Dissections

posted Apr 20, 2016, 7:08 AM by School Publications


Biology 1 Shark Dissections

Every year Mrs. Wakefield holds a dissection unit in her Biology 1 class. The unit normally lasts about two to three months.  Mrs. Wakefield's objective is to compare the anatomy of different animals from the simplest to the most complex. They will dissect an earthworm, squid,

crayfish, starfish, fish, shark, and a pregnant rat.  Students start with an earthworm, the simplest dissection, and end with a pregnant rat which is the most complex.   A large majority of students enjoy this unit despite the strong smell of the chemicals used to preserve the animals.   If dissections sound appealing to you, sign up for Biology 1!

By Harley Brandt and Hannah Koehler