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Biology Dissections

posted Mar 6, 2014, 1:05 PM by School Publications

The long awaited time for the biology class at BHS has finally come: dissections. Over the next few weeks, students will dissect an earthworm, squid, starfish, fish, frog, shark, and a pregnant rat. They will examine the internal and external anatomy, as well as look for different characteristics of the phylum to which the species belong. They must be able to identify certain body parts and features of the organism before completing each experiment.

"I love the students' excitement and anticipation," says Mrs. Wakefield, high school science teacher at BHS. "Hands-on learning is more interesting for students than looking at photos. They are also more likely to retain the knowledge." Besides studying the anatomy of the different organisms, teens also learn how to use the dissecting equipment and practice the necessary safety precautions. Altogether, the students gain memorable experiences and practice useful safety skills that can greatly benefit them in the future.

by Katie Carson

Biology Dissections