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Biology Dissection

posted Mar 10, 2017, 10:24 AM by School Publications
            This week
Mrs. Wakefield’s Biology class has began dissecting various organisms. This unit involves the dissection of nine different reptiles, mammals, and aquatic creatures. The section begins with an earthworm, then continues with animals such as squid, crawfish, fish, snake, shark, rat, starfish, and a frog.  Mrs. Wakefield began dissections her first year teaching at Brownstown ten years ago. She started the dissections so she could have a unit that was a hands-on learning experience. Amber Sarchet and Lane Himes, students in her biology class, stated “Dissecting makes Biology interesting, and it also brings a good dynamic to the classroom.” The dissections begin in early February and will continue until the first of May. Dissections take a lot of time and preparation. The process starts during the summer, when Mrs.Wakefield begins by estimating how many students she will have in her class, then she sets up her order with the science supply store. Lots of hard work goes into the dissections, but it's a very enjoyable unit for both the students and the teacher.

By Klayton Kroll and Jeffrey Kelly