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BHS Red Ribbon Week

posted Oct 31, 2014, 12:26 PM by School Publications

    Red Ribbon Week has arrived at high schools all around the nation. Students and parents are taking the “Red Ribbon Pledge” to promise to speak to their children about the dangers of drug use and abuse. They also pledge to monitor their children's behavior and enforce appropriate consequences. As you stroll down the halls of BHS, Mrs.Jenkins’ art posters warn us about the dangers of illegal drugs.

    On Monday, student council members passed out smarties and stickers with the logo “Too Smart to Start” on them. Tuesday brought guest speaker Jessie Funk who has been speaking to teenagers for over 12 years. During her performance she sang to the students, taught them how to out-smart their bullies, and she also showed them how to become more confident with themselves. Jessie also taught the students that they don’t need negative people in their lives, and that they only deserve the most positive relationships, whether it be with friends, family, or your significant other. Jessie has toured 37 states delivering her message of drug awareness and bullying prevention. Jessie Funk has written five books, two of which are teenage bestsellers, Ivy Girl Academy and Lady Hood.             

    Finally, we ended the week with a costume contest to “Scare Away Drugs”. Students were dressed as voodoo dolls, fairies, rockstars, Dora the Explorer, nurses and much more. The winners of the costume contests were Delaney Schulze, Dalton Lawson, Cherokee Street, Elissa Baron, Madison Lambert, Andrew Koonce, and Cameron Callaway. The winners were chosen by the student council at lunch and each winner received a candy bar. Check out the photo album below of all the cool costumes.

By Shayla Stokes

Red Ribbon Week-Scare Away Drugs 2014