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BHS Recycles

posted Dec 10, 2014, 12:03 PM by School Publications

        Students and members of BHS continue to recycle all year for the PBIS program.  They are collecting old phones, MP3 players, cameras, ink cartridges, ipods, and even laptops.   If you would like to bring  any of these items in please take them to Mrs.Campbell. She will be collecting the items and then she sends them to the recycling factory.  People outside of our school can also bring in materials.  All money raised goes to the PBIS Bomber store or to PBIS related field trips.

Mrs.Campbell said “I feel that we should all recycle to help save our landfills.  I feel strongly about all of us doing our part to help save our planet.”  Most people don’t understand how these small, simple items can affect our landfills.  All these items are sent off to Minnesota, where they are reused or disposed of properly.

There is no deadline on this fundraiser as the items are sent off throughout the year.   When money is returned to the school, it goes directly back to the students and the PBIS program.  Mrs.Campbell said “I appreciate all of the help and support from the students, parents, and faculty this past year.  We have managed to collect over $200 so far.”  The holidays are always a good time to remember to bring these old items in as we upgrade to newer models. Thanks for recycling and doing your part!

by Chelsey Lange