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BES Hosts School Spelling Bee

posted Feb 18, 2016, 7:26 AM by School Publications
On February 12, Brownstown Elementary School hosted their annual school spelling bee. The bee was held for students in fourth through sixth grade to showcase exceptional spellers.  The six students who participated were fourth graders Ethan Campbell and Abbi Ledbetter, fifth graders Elaine Voelker and Emaleah Mays, and sixth graders Jarin Evans and Nathan Grull.  

        In order to participate in the school spelling bee, the students first had to win the classroom portion.  The fourth through sixth grade classes each had their own individual contest, and the top two students proceeded to compete with the other classroom winners.  In the school bee, the students were allowed to miss two words before they were eliminated.  They were also allowed to restart the word one time if they believed they were wrong.

        Mrs. Reeter officiated the school spelling bee.  She was also responsible for giving each student their assigned word to spell, and helping them by placing the word in a sentence or providing clarification.  Also present were three elementary school teachers acting as judges, who helped to keep track of the students’ correct and incorrect answers.  After ensuring that all participating students understood the rules, the spelling bee commenced.  The students competed for ten rounds before Nathan Grull was declared the winner.  Nathan did not misspell any words in the ten rounds.  Brownstown will not be competing in the county competition this year, but Nathan's win is still an impressive accomplishment.  Congratulations to Nathan and all other participating students for a job well done.

by Chloe Carson

BES School Spelling Bee