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Art II Paper Mache Projects

posted Mar 12, 2015, 10:26 AM by School Publications
        In Ms. Jenkins’s Art II this semester students are participating in making paper mache sculptures.  The first step is to draw the design on cardboard, then cut the outline.  Students then stuff the newly constructed structure with packing chips or other supplies like newspaper. The next step is to use glue and tape to hold the structure together.  Once all that is done they will prepare to paper mache.  Paper mache paste is made from flour, glue, salt, and water.  They have to rip up newspaper and use the paper mache paste to hold all the pieces together and build up the model.  

Currently, there are two paper mache projects taking place in Ms. Jenkin’s art classroom.  Lance Struble, Clayton Kroll, and Courtney Zasada are participating in paper mache model of a teenage mutant ninja turtle.  They have just begun working on their project, so they are going through the steps of outlining the structure and creating a shell.  The other project is a 3 ½ foot tall elephant. The participants in the elephant project include Shawnee Street, Stacy Boaz, Jossi Hall, and Chelsey Lange. The paper mache elephant is almost done and the final step in the process is to paint the newly created artwork.

Ms. Jenkins said she wanted her advanced art students to participate in a big project that would be challenging and creative.  The ideas for these projects came from student interest.  Ms. Jenkins says every year she has her students participate in making paper mache projects, but these are the largest projects she's ever had students create through the years.  

Ms. Jenkins said “I’m so proud to see these students dedicating all their time and effort to these sculptures in and outside of class.”  Once they are done with paper mache they will be painting their sculptures.  The sculptures will be displayed in the hallways of BHS.  So keep your eyes out for these beautiful sculptures!

By Chelsey Lange

Art II Paper Mache 2015