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Are Foreign Language Classes Important?

posted Apr 1, 2016, 7:33 AM by School Publications
¿Tú hablas español?  If you can understand this question then chances are you probably took a Spanish class in school.  While learning a foreign language may seem unnecessary to those who plan to stay in an English speaking country for the entirety of their life, college bound students may want to think again.  The majority of four year colleges and universities require students to either take two years of a foreign language in high school or a foreign language class while attending their school.  Spanish teacher Debbie Bower says, "It is cheaper and easier to take a language in high school instead of waiting for college."  

        Another benefit of taking a foreign language in high school is the preparation received for future encounters.  When you take a Spanish class you experience the culture of that language and begin to understand the people.  In a nation where immigration is becoming more common, the experience is becoming a necessity.  After learning a culture you are more prepared to deal with people from that culture in the workplace, at the store, or on the streets. Mrs.Bower says, "Learning about another culture will help you to be open to others."  If you want to enroll in a high school spanish class next year, see Mrs. Hardiek to plan your class schedule and prepare for your future.   

by Chloe Carson