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American League Umpire: Bill Haller

posted Apr 19, 2016, 7:42 AM by School Publications
            On March 29th, the school publications class were honored to have guest speaker Bill Haller.  In the American League, Bill Haller was a baseball umpire from 1958 to 1982.  When Bill walked in the room he greeted everyone with a
classic hand shake and began to pass on words of wisdom.  Mr. Haller wanted to speak to students about using common sense.  He stressed ideas of staying away from drugs and how bad they can affect a person's future, being polite and respectful to those around you, and to take chances because one day you'll look back on your days in high school.  Bill told a story about his son going to a sock hop and how he gave him some advice.  "If you see a girl by herself walk up to her and ask 'may I buy you a coke and a bag of chips' or 'may I have a dance'. If you do that then she will remember you forever."  The group chat with Bill Haller will always be remembered and we would like to speak with him again in the future.

By Seth Powell