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Afternoon Off?

posted Sep 13, 2013, 7:28 AM by School Publications

    What happens when students are dismissed for school improvement days? Do teachers roam the hallways or sit in their rooms watching Youtube? Little do we know, teachers are actually working to make our school and their teaching better during this time. The instructors of BHS cover a large variety of topics during SIP afternoons. These topics include the new teacher evaluation system, human resource training, covering professional goals, discussing the upcoming midterms, looking over lesson plans, and curriculum mapping.  Teachers are hard at work aligning their teaching to the new Common Core standards as well.

   An emphasis at the meeting today is the new teacher evaluation system, also called the Brownstown Framework for Teaching, which is a more rigorous process for assessing teachers. Teachers reflect on their own personal goals as to where they want to be in the future and how they want to improve throughout the year. There will be mention of Bushue training, a requirement given to all teachers, which is a human resources program that prepares teachers for how they should react to a given situation. The scenarios include bullying, emergency situations, blood-borne pathogens, ethics, ADHD, and other educational topics. These activities are only a few of the many topics that teachers participate in during school improvement days.

by Chloe Lansford