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2017 Deer Season

posted Nov 14, 2017, 10:21 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 8:58 AM ]
           This year the Brownstown School District is allowing students to hunt on Friday November 17th. Shotgun season will last from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. For your child to be excused a student will need to bring in his or her deer tags, registered in their name, along with a note from a legal guardian with permission to have an excused absence. This is due to the High school office by Wednesday, November 15th.

          Hunting engages the youth to be surrounded by the great outdoors! Hunting helps keep the animal populations down so that the deer do not overpopulate. This is a great way to teach your child about the means and ways of the food chain. Learning the operational and safety procedures of a firearm is beneficial to the students in order to prevent future accidents. If you are hunting this year be safe and good luck!

By Dakota White