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October’s Students of the Month

posted Dec 8, 2017, 5:42 AM by School Publications

School Publications has recently interviewed, Jarod Martin, High School’s student of the month for October.  Here's what we learned about Mr. Martin.  His mom is Jeanie Martin.  His favorite show is Rick and Morty.  Jarod's favorite food to eat is a nice, juicy, grade A steak.  His favorite music is Alternative Rock. Mr. Martin’s hobbies are music, skateboarding, and video games.  His biggest influence is 45, AKA Donald Trump.  Jarod's future goals are to be a meme God.

School Publications has also interviewed, Alexandra Goldesberry, Jr. Highs student of the month for October.  This is what we learned about her.  Her favorite book is Harry Potter.  Her idol is her family.  She lives in Brownstown in the country.  She has goods grades and is nice to everybody.  She has always wanted to do good in school and have academic success.  Alexandra has 5 siblings.  Her mom is Rachael Goldsborough,  her step dad is David Goldsborough, and her dad is Steve Goldesberry.  She will continue to keep her strong work ethic out of highschool.  When she graduates she wants to go straight into the Navy, and then be in National Guard and own a Dance Studio.  She is a very social person and will talk to everyone with kind words. She also enjoys participating in school events.

By Emmett Chandler

Welcome to Room 101

posted Nov 30, 2017, 10:29 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 30, 2017, 10:33 AM ]

Twenty glorious years ago, Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School hired the one and only, Toby Harms. Mr. Harms, decided to become a teacher when he was a sophomore in college, His English, Calculus, and Civics Teacher inspired him to become one. He student taught at O’fallon Township High School. He likes to teach all of his classes, but he has a special place in his heart for Contemporary U.S. He says the most difficult part about teaching is, how state and federal regulations keep changing. The reason he teaches History instead of Math, English, or Science is because he likes Social Studies the best out of all the other subjects. The original job he wanted before he became teacher was to be a meteorologist or a writer for the WWE. A fun fact about Mr. harms is, he use to coach Volleyball! Don't let him fool you and say he never did. He says he would coach again only if the opportunity was right.

Mr. Harms has been a great inspiration to all the kids in the Brownstown Community during his career. Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout your 20 years of teaching at Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School District. We hope for you to be here until you retire, just like the lovely Miss. Sandra Stine did. All the students really cherish your little jokes and the posters you hang throughout your classroom. You are one of the reasons kids enjoy coming to school, the students of Brownstown appreciate you so much! Congratulations on the 20 years of teaching!  

By: Carly Feltner

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Homecoming Candidates

posted Nov 27, 2017, 9:48 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 9:57 AM ]

As most of you know homecoming season is among us. Some schools homecoming has past but Brownstown Jr./Sr. High school's homecoming is on December 2nd, 2017. The senior candidates are Makenzie Parkison and Dakota White, Taylor Rine and Dalton Lawson, and Sami Long and Cameron Callaway.  The junior attendants are Macy Cripe and Dalton Lawson.  The sophomore attendants  are  Elizabeth Austin and Kage Bolyard. The freshman attendants are Kaylee Yobst and  Chris Wells.

There is competition with the seniors. The senior contestants put posters around the school telling the other students in the school to vote for them.  Some of the candidates are actually handing out candy for the students to vote for them.  Everyone wants to win but unfortunately there is only one king and one queen.  Good luck to everyone running!

By MaKenzie Parkison

Exxon Grant

posted Nov 27, 2017, 9:13 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 9:34 AM ]

    Betty Williams at the elementary school volunteers for the Exxon Grant to be used by the BCUSD libraries.  Betty is a retired secretary from Brownstown school who has volunteered for the last four years at the Elementary.  Her husband Jr Williams was employed by Exxon for many years.  Exxon splits the money between the Elementary and the Jr/Sr High School.  So far, $4,000 has been granted.  Betty is working on a new year.  This year, the Exxon grant has been able to provide over 200 books divided between both libraries.  Betty has a love for children and reading.  She has two great grandsons who both love to read.  One is in fifth grade, while the other is a Junior in high school.  She listens and encourages the elementary students in their reading.

    She helps Mrs. Reed with shelving and getting books ready for the children to enjoy.  So far this year she is also helping the elementary teachers with reading.  This year, the elementary bought the whole set of the US Presidents which came to a total of $500 thanks to the grant.  The High School had gotten some badly needed non-fiction books-a total of 80 books.  We all appreciate the help Betty Williams has giving us by volunteering at the Elementary, and we hope she comes back next year.     

By Bradley Schwarm

Post Civil War Project

posted Nov 27, 2017, 9:05 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 10:16 AM ]

    The sixth grade students at Brownstown Elementary School did a social studies project on the Civil War. With a partner they researched two major battles that took place in the war. It took the students one week to research the battles, one week to type up the information, and then Ms. Lloyd, the teacher, made the map in one day. They started the project at the end of September 2017. After they were done researching and the map was made, the class was asked who won the most battles and where most of the battles took place. The class analyzed the map and they came to the conclusion that the Union won more battles and most of the battles were in Confederate states.

    The class said they liked the map after it was complete and enjoyed researching to find cool and interesting facts. Ms. Lloyd found the project on, which is a website where teachers post curriculum and other teachers can buy it to use in their own class. The students really liked the project because they got to pick the battles and decide the interesting facts they wanted to include in their paper. The whole project was student led and Ms. Lloyd was there as a resource if anyone truly needed help. Part of the curriculum is to cover the Civil War in sixth grade social studies. That is why she decided to have the class do this project to help them better understand the Civil War. This will be a project we see every year because the kid learned so much from it and it is more hands on  then just reading out of a textbook.

By Lane Himes

2017 Deer Season

posted Nov 14, 2017, 10:21 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 8:58 AM ]

           This year the Brownstown School District is allowing students to hunt on Friday November 17th. Shotgun season will last from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. For your child to be excused a student will need to bring in his or her deer tags, registered in their name, along with a note from a legal guardian with permission to have an excused absence. This is due to the High school office by Wednesday, November 15th.

          Hunting engages the youth to be surrounded by the great outdoors! Hunting helps keep the animal populations down so that the deer do not overpopulate. This is a great way to teach your child about the means and ways of the food chain. Learning the operational and safety procedures of a firearm is beneficial to the students in order to prevent future accidents. If you are hunting this year be safe and good luck!

By Dakota White

Beat Down in Brownstown

posted Nov 10, 2017, 10:20 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 14, 2017, 1:58 PM by Mike Shackelford ]

The Beat Down in Brownstown was Friday, November 3rd at the Brownstown high school. Two School Publication students interviewed the head of the Athletic Department, Vincent Rohr. When Mr. Rohr was asked how he found out about the event he said the former principal, now superintendent, Mr. Mike Shackleford started the event two years ago. The head of the organization is Lynn Kamadulski, who is also one of the wrestlers known as Leone Mephisto. The organization originates from the St. Louis Metro East area. The Brownstown Athletic Department hosted the event and all the proceeds went to them. The first event the Athletic Department put on back in 2015 they made 500 dollars and in 2016 they made 700 dollars profit by hosting the event.

When asked why the Athletic Department  keeps scheduling this event, Mr. Rohr exclaimed, “It’s a new and exciting event in town and it has brought in good revenue to the athletic department.” There was a tag team match this year which has never been done before at the Beat Down in Brownstown.

By, Lane Himes and Bradley Schwarm

PBIS Town Ball Tournament

posted Nov 6, 2017, 10:22 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 7, 2017, 7:56 AM ]

    PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports.  The main goal of PBIS is to establish the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students to experience success. PBIS has been a great influence on the school, because at the end of each quarter kids with good behavior get rewarded with a reward day.  Reward days consist of getting out of class for a whole day and doing something fun.
    Thursday October 26th was the first reward day of the year.  Thursday consisted of aTown Ball tournament.  Each class from seventh grade to twelfth grade competed for the town ball trophy. The sophomore class took home the win and won the trophy.  
PBIS is an important part of our school and, the principles it puts in place makes the students better individuals for the future.     

By Amber Sarchet

HS Volleyball 2017

posted Nov 6, 2017, 10:06 AM by School Publications

      This volleyball season had a rough start. This years coach is Jeni Haslett who  has coached SEB varsity volleyball for 2 years now. Jeni says she wanted to coach volleyball because she loved the sport. Once she was done playing she was given the opportunity to start coaching at the junior high level. At that point she realized she loved teaching it as much as she loved playing it.The goal this season was to grow as a team and acquire 13 wins. The volleyball team accomplished their goal last night when they won against Patoka and Cowden-Herrick Beecher City. The team plays best when they are communicating and having fun on the court. The leader of the team isn't a certain person because if one person falls apart so does the rest of the team. It takes the whole team of working hard and staying positive to win the game or play to the best of their ability. 
       As far as the skill of the SEB volleyball team they don't have one certain person that can hit or pass better than anyone else. Jeni Haslett was recently interviewed and she said in order to win games you have to be good passers. Passing is where it starts, and without a good pass you can't do anything else. She thinks, depending on the night, our teams best skill is passing, which is also the one thing that she focuses on most in practice. The thing she's trying to improve on from last year is teamwork. Last year they struggled to have unity and play together. So Coach Jeni really strived to put a focus on being a good teammate and working together as a team. They recently played in the EIC at St. Elmo High School and took home 1st place. Congrats to the seniors on finishing your last volleyball season!

By Macy Cripe

National Guard

posted Nov 2, 2017, 5:42 AM by School Publications


    The National Guard was at Brownstown High School on October 4, 2017. This year they brought in a human foosball game during P.E. to teach the students many skills as far as team building, communication, and working hard to achieve their goals. The recruiters gave the students information about the National Guard and talked to the students about furthering their careers!

    The National Guard has many opportunities within the military to guide people in the right direction and to lead them to a lifetime of success! They have many options to offer including band all the way to Special Operations! They help out with relieving active duty soldiers during a war, taking care of people during a flood, and even help the Red Cross with blood drives. The students learned quite a bit of useful information about the national guard and they had fun with the game of foosball.

By Dakota White

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