BHS Faculty and Staff

Mike Shackelford- Superintendent
Jacy Shaub- Unit Office secretary
Jeff Wooters- BHS Principal
Brittany Rigdon- BHS secretary
Tracey Alstat- JH English/Language Arts
Lori Mette- HS Special Education
Whitney Campbell- JH Math/JH Special Education
Gail Hardiek- HS Guidance Counselor
Toby Harms- JH/HS Social Studies
Kelsey Seidel- BES/JH Art
Patricia Booher- HS Math
Vince Rohr- JH/HS PE
Randy Sasse- JH Science/HS Social Studies
Michele Seabaugh- Business and Computers
Jessica Sefton- JH/HS Health and BES PE
Morgan Pals-HS Science
Danyelle Boaz- HS English
Christa Malonoe- Jr. High Math/Science

Steve Waltrip
Jodi Winkler
Evelyn Wells