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BSE HS Baseball

      This year the Brownstown-St. Elmo baseball team is doing it again. With the season just  underway the coaches and players have high hopes for this season. The team did not start the season like they wanted but they know it's still early and they will increase their win record as the year goes on. The team's goal is to steadily improve in all areas of the game and get better as each week goes by.

The team consists of  Landon Feezel,Jeffrey Kelly,Isaac Maxey,Lewis Brown,Dalton Denton,Hunter Strauch,Jim Caraway,Wade Ireland,Nate Philpot,Bryton Pruett,Caleb Atwood and Kolton Sapp.The head coach is Ryan Beccue with coach Bo Melton and coach Logan Mahon as his assistants. The team has twelve players this year with only two seniors on the team, Jeff Kelly and Landon Feezel. With a very young team the seniors know what the coaches expect from the two of them. They know they are the leaders of the team and are held to a higher standard than the others.  They have had some injuries that have gotten them off to a slow start but they will work through the bad luck and keep improving as much as they can.  The team has experienced guys returning this season that are eager to do their part. Wanting to improve there record and their team they know the best thing for them will be hands-on experience in a varsity ball game.  

The guys are solid players in their positions but with such a small team they need to be able to fill any position for any game. Coach Ryan Beccue said the team needs to keep improving their pitching staff.  “We have capable guys that just need more game experience”. The guys play all their conference games in the fall season, so for this spring they are looking to improve by playing their best baseball come the middle of May, before giving it their best shot in the regional this year.

The field received a few upgrades this year that were needed to make this year of baseball more enjoyable. Two years ago they planted a new grass infield that has been nice to play on. The newest accessory to the baseball field are the new dugouts. The dugouts were a great addition to the field and the coaches and players couldn't be more thankful. I asked the team if there was anything else that needed upgraded that would help the field and playing environment more enjoyable. They responded by saying a new backstop and outfield fence would be nice in the future.  

The Brownstown-St. Elmo baseball team has new equipment and high hopes for this season. The athletes and coaches are looking forward to seeing what this season will bring with the experience and dedication these men have for the sport.  We hope the team meets their goal for this season and wish them the very best of luck.

By Klayton Kroll

2016 HS Baseball

Travis Redden,
Aug 22, 2016, 8:58 AM
Travis Redden,
Aug 24, 2016, 7:11 AM